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Nil Recurring on Peaceville Records

Posted in Porcupine Tree by David Mytton on November 25, 2007

For those of you who have yet to get your hands on the new Porcupine Tree EP “Nil Recurring” it is now being released on Peaceville Record label. (The same record label as the band Katatonia as well as the early releases of Opeth.) Nil Recurring was previously only available through the PT online store and at live shows. The band will be given a full release on Peaceville Records on 18th of February, 2008. The new edition will differ only in that it comes in a crystal case rather than a digipack.

The Mini-Album (29 minutes of music) was written during the “Fear of a Blank Planet” album sessions, completed in the summer of 2007, and is now is presented as a cohesive, self-contained Porcupine Tree in it’s own right.

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