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Bass Communion – Litany

Posted in Bass Communion by David Mytton on June 30, 2009

Tonefloat releases a new vinyl only release of recordings by SW’s ongoing experiments with drone and ambient music as Bass Communion. Litany is taken from new recordings using choral/vocal samples and looping techniques. These experiments may lead to a full album at some stage, but in the meantime 23 minutes of work in progress will be issued as a 2-track 12inch EP. The ep comes in a beautiful sleeve designed by Carl Glover and will be available in limited editions of 1,000 copies on black 180 grams vinyl and 250 copies on coloured 180 grams vinyl.

You can pre-order now from the Tonefloat store, or it will soon also be available to order from Burning Shed. Release date is late July.

Another new Bass Communion release “Chiaroscuro”, a CD of the live performance in Antwerp in November 2008 in a beautiful Japanese gatefold mini LP sleeve, will also shortly be available. However, this release will be exclusive to SW’s own mail order outlet Headphone Dust. More news shortly.

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  1. steve said, on August 11, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    hi, are the coloured vinyls all clear vinyl. i would not call clear vinyl coloured.

  2. richard pievaitis said, on August 14, 2009 at 12:29 am

    hi steve,looks that way.
    i ordered the “coloured “version and got clear.
    so i suspect thats it only !!!
    still looks and sounds great though !

  3. steve said, on August 17, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    hi richard, yes i agree. i have the entire bass communion discography, and im loving the dronier stuff. went to the gig with fear falls burning in antwerp, and that was amazing

    • richard pievaitis said, on August 18, 2009 at 1:02 am

      hi steve,you must be a completist like me,yes i have 99% of all SW,s work inc. bass communion.the only piece of BC i,m missing is the 7 inch vinyl single released around 2005 “Varanja” or similar it was P/C blew up in flames in front of me.we had been on holiday,had a thunder storm whilst away which had caused a peak in the power as soon as i switched it on-BANG i kid you not !!!!
      so whilst awaiting a replacement,this came out for sale.
      dam,missed it.
      i think that is the only BC work i am missing when i look at the SW discog and the headphone dust site.i seem to have em all.
      how about you,any gaps ?
      same with I.E.M. yup got em all cd and vinyl editions.
      seems to me alot of the P.T. fanbase don,t quite get BC.mind you it is a bit like marmite,love it or hate it .theres no middle.
      keep in touch,roll on 14 th sept. hey !
      p.s. would have loved to seen SW live at antwerp, my friend charles b, who runs tonefloat,he invited me along but i have MS so i am housebound,shame really so i have to rely on the albums and use my imagination,same with PT they are coming to leeds soon – i live at east coast of yorkshire,bit it is too hard and painful to travel so i,ll make do with the new album.
      nice to talk to you.

  4. steve said, on August 27, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    hi richard, yes i love all wilsons work. pt have far too much back catalogue to collect, which is why i chose bc to collect. i saw sw perform bc at the fantastic(one of my best gigs of all time) gig at the burning shed night in norwich in june 2006, so for me THAT was the first ever bc gig! i met charles on the night(antwerp), and had built up a great internet rapour with him over the years(through tonefloat), so it was great to meet him in the flesh on such a great night. what a lovely man charles is. im going to 2 pt gigs, leeds and manchester. i think indicates void is my favourite bc album. together were stranger – no-man, signify pt, iem first album, and blackfield first album, how about you? nice to speak to you richard, take care, regards,steve

  5. richard meadows-pievaitis said, on August 27, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    hi steve,,yes charles is a great guy(as you will know he does track down and save stuff for you !!!),i do regret that i will never get to meet him though.
    re PT back catalogue i was lucky enough to get everything as it came along 1st time around so apart from a few singles(that are on the albums anyway !)i have all the albums on cd,dvda/dvdv and fave is a copy of the 10″ double vinyl of metanoia that i have signed by the original band.priceless !.
    but faves are;
    PT early,sky moves sideways. absentia.
    iem;have come for your….
    BC;toss up with BCII or probably really ghosts on mag. tape.spooky stuff esp. track 2.
    no-man;love speak but prob.returning jesus,best.
    blackfield;yes 1st album is better one.not my overall fave output of SW.though,too commercial for me.
    i wish i could get to see PT or SW etc etc so think of me when you,re at little favour if i to fan,if they still sell “programmes” could i ask you to get one for me.i will pay you back no worries about that.
    if you want to e mail me to discuss these things off forum then click on my name above here,it should take you to my myspace site(bleedthefield- thats the name of my recording project,i am ambient/electronic/progressive musician too).then off site i can give you my address etc etc maybe we may have albums we can trade etc etc.
    are you localish,i live in hornsea at east yorkshire coast-no mans land(not really ! quite nice and peaceful but far ….from anywhere).i hope you don,t think this is cheeky but you are the only person i know who is going to the gig and i would some souvenir for my collections.
    look forward to hearing further from you steve.

  6. steve said, on September 1, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    hi richard, networking sites are not for me to be honest, its even unusual for me to write on a forum. though i do like exchanging views with people with a like-minded interest in my strange taste in music. of course i will buy something to send to you from one of the gigs, if something looks interesting enough. i live in wirral(near liverpool) but the nearest place pt play is manchester. i have tons of sw related music so maybe we could exchange the odd record. my collection of yhd(black, green, yellow, test pressing and cd version signed by sw, are completely off limits!!) i am a ltd edition sucker and my rarest record up to now is by `my cat is an alien` of which i have one of only 9 special edition copies produced!! for one of their albums. also my ambition is to have a number 1 copy of anything, ive asked charles(who has loads himself) but he wont relent. maybe you could persuade him. regards for now, steve

  7. richard pievaitis said, on September 5, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    hi steve,
    many thanks for the reply,it will be best if you contact me “off site” and i can give you my address etc my email is all inlower case,my 1st name then@then sure you,ve got the spelling of my surname correct or it,ll bounce.try it first and then we know it works.
    i also have yhd on black vinyl and the elusive cd,no number 1 thought off limited editions but i do have 2 limited edition photos, direct from Lasse.1/3 and 2/3 so fairly limited hey !
    i bought them from him on ebay- yes it was him i checked with charles at t/f first.they are 2 outtakes not used on the in absentia album
    they were also available as screensaver/wallpapers from the PT official site(maybe still are)they are both with the young girl in the railway station with eyes ripped off/blanked out.- when you see them you will know them-very famous images .this was about 6 years ago and i paid around £40 for each one- signed and dated and numbered on the i had them expensively framed using real beech wood surrounds and a nice mount.they are in one of my hallways so all can see them- look very strange always get comments as to how did them etc etc.
    but if you visit lasse,s own website i think he is now charging £2000 ish for limited edition prints of around to get a limited photo of 1 out of 3 is very lucky and gods knows what they would fetch now !!!!
    re merchandise,anything musical would be good- any limited edition concert only cdr,s or dvd,s,not bothered about tee shirts,but a book/programme would be for cd,s i have more or less every PT commercial release but if there are any cdr/,s that are limited to concert attendees only that would be ace.
    also steve,some bands are now offering cd,s of the actual concert available right after the gig.most use portable cd studio gear- quite inexpensive if they are doing that get one for me please.
    this is very kind of you and a really trusting gesture.
    as i say send me an email and then we can discuss things off site and away from public eyes.i will then send you my full address and details etc etc.e mail is always best for me as my illness(ms) as damaged by hearing and the phone is not good for me now.but i will send you a cheque or paypal to you for the full amount plus postage so that you are not out of pocket on anything.maybe some day we can meet up esp if we have any album swaps.maybe we don,t as both of us seem to be collecting all the same stuff.but you never know.i seem to be like you though i always go for limited /deluxe editions of music i like.ranges from zappa/beefheart to trad. deep ambient(roach/rappoon etc etc )
    so see you over on windows mail next time and lets get the details to you.
    thanks for all your help,amazing in this weird world we live in that 2 guys can become “e- friends” over something as simple as a common interest.
    p.s. have you ordered the vinyl edition of incident from t/f yet- its out on 11th and not 14th.also look at the no man dvd from burning shed – if you pre order now you get the 2 x dvd and a bonus cd of some of the set list songs.see entry above and my comment,the numbers of the extra cd are limited to a smallish number only so again it will become collectable/

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