Garry’s Mod is a low cost and full of fun first person video game. It usually integrates all types of diverse video game categories comprising a building, shooter, RPG (Role Playing Game), and much more. It also has the capability for you to play online with family and friends in diverse game modes comprising Hide and Seek, Prop Hunt, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and much more and each of these game modes has its own gameplay and limitation. So, if you think that one game mode is not as per your mindset, you can immediately move to another game mode and you can continue skipping until you find the one that is as per your skills and your mindset.

You can Play gmod Free and can get really chaotic; however, don’t forget that it can also slow down the computer which might lead to it crashing. So, try to improve the configuration of your computer before playing the one. However, luckily, the exclusive way that can happen is if you were to might line up enough number of nuclear bombs (yes, they’ve nukes in this game and you can Play gmod Free). This game also has a famous tool known as a Material tool and below mentioned are the tips and tricks how you can use it precisely and efficiently in order to become the pro in this game.

The Material Gun or Material Tool is a Tool Gun that lets its user to apply to the total surface of NPCs, ragdolls and also props a new texture. To pick the Paint Tool, press and hold the menu key (that’s Q by default) and then in a tool list choose in ‘RENDER’, “Material”. The game will then switch automatically to this gun which is now available to you in Material Mode.

To select a texture, press and hold the context menu key (that by default is C when you Play gmod Free), then pick the texture that you wish to use. You can pick one from the Q menu as well; it depends on your ease and choice. The Material Tool has a different type of triggers. The first one (MOUSE-1 by default) applies the chosen texture to a prop, NPC or ragdoll. The 2nd one (MOUSE-2 by default) restores the original and removes applied texture. While this tool can do enough things, it can’t apply textures to a map or to any type of non-entity surface and it can just apply one single texture maximum for each object.